The Captains Role

Captain taking responsibility

As a captain, you have no special status or privileges under the Laws of the Game, but you do have a degree of responsibility for the behaviour of your team.
To promote Respect, the referee will work with you, as the team captain, to manage the players and the game effectively.
Even if you are some way away from an incident when the referee feels he/she needs you involved in a discussion with a player, the referee will call you over. This will ensure that, as the team captain, you remain the point of contact for the referee.

How Captains can help to instil Respect:

  • Ensure you wear a Respect captain’s armband – this will be provided by your manager
  • Together with your opposition captain, make yourself known to the referee before the game. He/she will ask if you are clear about your responsibilities
  • Ensure all your players understand what they can/cannot do in relation to the referee and what is meant by ‘unwanted behaviour’. No-one’s trying to curb enthusiasm – just instil more discipline. This can only benefit your match – and football as a whole
  • Ensure your vice-captain (appoint one if you haven’t got one) is aware of these rules, in case you are unavailable for a game, or have to leave the field

“It’s not enough to be a great player to be a captain. You have to be a great leader who commands and shows Respect.”

Fabio Capello , England manager