Discounted Reading FC Games

The club has signed up to a block ticket scheme with Reading FC. Essentially if you call the number, quote “Twyford Comets FC” and book for one of the six games:

  1. You will get a discounted price (prices on the poster)
  2. Be seated with other members of the club
  3. The Club will receive some much needed funding
  4. You will enjoy a great Saturday of football!

What could be better?

See the poster below
Block 1 Group ticketing poster

Confirmed schedule for 35th Dutch Exchange with RKUVC Ulestraten

Twyford Comets FC confirms schedule for their 36th Dutch Exchange with RKUVC Ulestraten

Twyford, Berkshire: Twyford Comets FC are pleased to announce that they have confirmed the schedule for the upcoming RKUVC Ulestraten tour. (13-18 October 2017)

The annual Dutch exchange was established in 1981 when a local air traffic controller had a conversation with a Dutch air traffic controller and established that they both ran football clubs. They then arranged an alternating annual tour between the two clubs for their U13 teams, which has continued ever since.
Twyford Comets FC are hosting this year and have planned a visit to London, a tour of Wembley Football ground, a match at Wycombe and the Windsor Cup Final at Binfield FC.

14th Oct 09:00am Twyford Comets FC v RKUVC Ulestraten at Stanlake Meadows, Twyford (Mini-Tournament)
15 Oct 09:15am Twyford Comets FC v RKUVC Ulestraten at Stanlake Meadows, Twyford
17 Oct 19:15 Twyford Comets FC v RKUVC Ulestraten at Binfield FC, Binfield – Windsor Cup Match

About Twyford Comets FC: Twyford Comets FC is an FA Chartered Standard Football Club serving the community of Twyford and its surrounds. Founded in 1972, it now has a player membership of 250 children between the ages of 4 and 18 and also has a Men’s team. Ulestraten is a small village near the city if Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Piggott 3G Footwear Policy

The Piggott 3G pitch is an artificial surface, as such, we need to look after the grounds.

Below is advice for 3G footwear:
3G Permitted footwear:
•Boots with moulded studs – see first example photo below.
•Astro trainers with rubber pimpled soles.

Not allowed on 3G
•No Trainers
•No Boots with screw in studs
•No Blades see 2nd pic below
•No Dirty shoes.

These will not be allowed on to the surface, so if you play on moulded studs on a Saturday, boots will need cleaning before training!

Another note on blades – as a club we do not recommend these boots for the Saturday “on real turf” football either, due to some injuries observed by some of our members. Something to keep in mind when it comes to renewing them.

Also, we have in the last season had many children wearing a hybrid boots with both moulded studs and then blades on the heel. Ideally avoid these too for 3G use.”