Club Ethos

Our club ethos is a written declaration that sets out how we want to run as a club. It’s simple and concise and can be understood by players, parents and officials. It answers two fundamental questions:

1.       Who is the club for?

2.       How do we measure success?

The club exists to:

  • Provide football to children of all ages and abilities, in a safe, fun and friendly environment.
  • Deliver age-appropriate coaching to support long-term player development.
  • Encourage all players to try their best and make the most of their abilities, and create an environment where each player can achieve their own individual potential
  • Offer a challenging, but supportive environment where children can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety.
  • To promote good behaviour and respect for others.
  • To build friendships which will last a life-time.
  • Developing Coaches, Managers and Referees to help drive the club forward in meeting our ideals and maintain our FA Charter Club Status. The club will assist all managers, coaches and referees so that they can possess the relevant FA qualifications required to retain our status.
  • Support all our volunteers and members in everything they do for the club to ensure mutual success.

We measure our success by,

Our Club membership, we have over 300 children in our stewardship. We achieve this by:

  • Retaining existing members. We have an extremely low number of children who leave our club.
  • Attracting and recruiting new members
  • Obtaining positive feedback from our parents, children, sponsors and community as a whole
  • Producing happy children through positive coaching, who consistently demonstrate high standards of sportsmanship.

This guides everything that we do. This is the reason everyone in the club must abide by the rules.