Fixtures Calendar

Welcome to the 2023/24 Season!

The purpose of this page is to provide information regarding fixtures and pitch allocation when playing at home in Twyford.
See Fixtures Calendar

Info is provided by Darryl Pawsey & Giovanni Depietra
Twyford Comets Fixtures Secretary and Referee Secretary respectively.
Note: We have the same pitches marked as last year with the addition of the 11 a-side back at KGVR for the time being; so Stanlake has 2*11 a-side pitches, 1*9 a-side and KGVR has 1*11,1*9, 2*7 a-side pitches.

Process and Guidance:

  1. It is very important for us that you check the fixtures calendar against your league allocations, and if there are any mistakes/issues etc. please always mail us both.  Similarly, during the course of the season, if your fixtures are adjusted or rearranged for whatever reason please let us know.
  2. We update the fixtures showing a month ahead normally, and refresh and publish as the next month approaches.
  3. Please use this calendar as your guide, referring to it each week (in case of change) when initiating info for a home game with the opposition.
  4. Each week, it is for you to confirm the home game by email with your referee as soon as you can, no later than Tuesday. Ideally Sun/Mon best and you might as well do it when sending match info to the opposition. Include KO time, venue, your name and the team name inc. age group. Conversely, if you have confirmed a match with a ref and it is no longer happening, it is your responsibility to let the ref know of the cancellation, and please also include us in that comms.
  5. Please don’t arrange your own referees or select pitches yourself without using us, we’re here to help and we have a finite number of pitches and referees in particular, and we must coordinate this precious shared resource!
  6. As a guide, priority for all home pitch usage is cup fixtures first, then league games and finally friendlies.
  7. Referee resource is sparse and if you know anyone who can help please let us know.
  8. You are welcome to provide a KO preference and we’ll try to help. That said we’re biased toward earlier KO’s when referees are more often available before other commitments later in the day.