Piggott 3G Usage Policy


    1. I will make sure all parents and spectators remain in the designated spectator area and ensure only players and coaches are permitted on the playing surface.

    2. It is my responsibility to ensure all of my players have the correct footwear to play on the 3G pitch and I will not allow any of my players to play with incorrect footwear.

    3. I will encourage my players to clean their boots on the cleaning brushes and will ask them to leave the playing surface if I identify mud or dirt coming from their boots.

    4. I will encourage my players to bring a water/sports bottle instead of a drink purchased from a shop. I will not allow any food to be consumed in or around the pitch. I will also ensure no chewing gum or cigarettes are used on the pitch.

    5. I will only use the pitch that I have booked and will not use space which I have not paid for.

    6. I will be responsible for my players and parents behaviour on site. I will not allow my players to spit or swear while on the pitch. I will always ensure the 3G management team are spoken to politely and will not allow any parent or player to be rude or disrespectful.

    7. When the bell sounds I will stop training and leave the pitch. As I exit I will conduct a quick visual check to ensure no litter is left on or around the surface.

    8. If my players require the toilet I will ensure they go into the gym block and use the toilets provided. I will not allow them to enter the building via the gym fire exit or relieve themselves in or around the facility.

    9. I will not allow any person to move the goals by themselves and will ensure they are moved correctly and safely by two people using the guidelines explained to me during the induction evening.

    10. I will place the goals back to their normal positions before leaving the pitch and will ensure the wheels are secure and the goals are safe.

    11. I will not allow my players to hang or climb on the goals or play with the netting at anytime.

    12. If I see any problems with the equipment, surface, goals or the facility I will report it to the pitch management team. If I suspect the surface is being used in an inappropriate manner or being used by a non-paying party I will report it to the management team immediately.

    13. When on the school site I will ensure both parents and players act in the appropriate manner and I understand that as part of the pitch’s consortium I have a role in the safeguarding of the pitch and facility