Streaming Policy

Where possible, balanced and equal teams should form each year from the Mini-Comets soccer school.

Teams then playing 5 and 7-a-side football (that is in U7 to U10 leagues) should not be streamed. Instead, it is the role of the coaches especially during these initial years to develop the players within the teams, and to work together as a collective age group squad. This is in line with the latest FA guidelines that place inclusion and player development foremost.

In exceptional circumstances, the club will support the movement of players between teams at these age groups, but only where there is a positive benefit to everyone concerned and everyone effected is in full agreement.

The club is more tolerant of the movement of players between teams in older age groups playing 9 and 11-a-side football (that is from U11 upwards). However, at all age groups, internal and external player poaching is against club policy.