Player Poaching Policy

The issue of Player Poaching, which is the practice of team managers approaching young players from other teams and their parents directly and trying to persuade them to switch teams, is becoming increasingly widespread. More and more teams are having to fold due to their players being poached to join supposedly better teams with the promise of more facilities and better chances of winning trophies.

Twyford Comets Football Club wish to make it clear we are firmly against this practice and do not allow any of our managers to recruit players in this way. Furthermore, if we discover any club or team doing this we will report the club and the individual to the appropriate league and football association.

At any junior age group, and especially the small-sided teams, the emphasis should be on having fun, playing with their mates and enjoying the game. Winning and losing are all part of the game and learning to deal with these with magnanimity is an important life lesson and every bit as important as learning the skills to be an excellent sportsperson.

The FA Respect Campaign covers many areas of the game and is aimed primarily at the players and spectator behaviour during a game. However, we believe consideration for others is a big part of the campaign and consideration for other managers trying to manage their teams and make it enjoyable for all members is crucial to the future development of the game.

Twyford Comets Football Club Committee

September 2010